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The WSF is "not a forum for the poor"

Pastor Nick Macharia (PEPKAG and Tenderfeet) expresses his opinion that the people of Kibera were excluded from preliminary planning of the WSF

Dear Dancan,

Greetings from this side, I honestly do not think i will be able to do any show with you tonight because my iterview will not change anything on the ground.

It is now clear that w.s.f is not aforum for poor. I told you the feelings of the people of Kibera if ever were to be considered was to involve them in the preliminaly planing.

I thought this was to be so and i mobilised about 200 youth.We did not here any word from you and you used methods which are hostile which you want the poor people in the slum to rubberstamp.

Yesterday there was running battle with police because the people of the slum were demostrating against the high entrance fee that had been set.

I,m not happy with this development for the objectives of w.s.f have been highjacked and on the behalf of the poor we feel very much abushed.I dont want to identfy with such a forum.

We still have alot of respect for you we mean well.

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