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International Radio Show

This project has taken off, with your help it will get a lot bigger: Turn on, Tune in, speak out…

When - Wednesday 24th of January, 8pm european time (7pm GMT, 10pm Kenya)

Topic - Housing

Nodes - Barcelona, Dublin, Nairobi

As part of the Indymedia radio support for WSF, We are working on an ambitious but feasible project to support the Global Listening Nodes project: a 3 or more way, 2 hour radio show. We are working with some great people here in Barcelona´s R23.cc network

Show structure

show length : 2 hours
part 1 - 15 mins music
part 2 - 20 mins from each node (1 hour total)
part 3 - 30 mins for open discussion between node
part 4 - 15 mins music

Note part 2 - each node will have 3 speakers as a max, each speaker will have 6 mins to outline their story or experience, node facilitator will ensure time is kept. A tek assistant will be in contact with other nodes. part 3 - possibly questions might come from the audience....(will be back about this) we will have an IRC channel set up for tek communication between the nodes

Additional Information:

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