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World Social Forum - Critical Explorations

Book edited by Jai Sen and Peter Waterman, published in 2012 by OpenWord, New Delhi / India

This book, World Social Forum : Critical Explorations, is a sequel to the 2004 book titled World Social Forum : Challenging Empires (Viveka, New Delhi; edited by Jai Sen, Anita Anand, Arturo Escobar, and Peter Waterman) and to its international second edition in 2009 (Black Rose Books, Montreal; edited by Jai Sen and Peter Waterman). It brings together some 35 essays from around the world – from authors young and old, women and men, black brown and white, and activists, scholars, and those in between – that enable us all to critically explore and understand this important phenomenon called the World Social Forum; and so to better know what kind of world we want to see and to build.


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Acknowledgements & Credits
Notes on the Editors
Notes on the Contributors Invocations

Foreword: Immanuel Wallerstein - The World Social Forum : Great Success, Shaky Future, Passé ?

Preface: Peter Waterman - The World Social Forum and this Book : Pessimism of the Intellect and/or Optimism of the Will ?

Introduction: Jai Sen - 'Another World Is Possible!' : Critical Explorations of the World Social Forum and the dreams it has inspired

1 Understanding the WSF : The Roots of the WSF - The WSF as Rhizome

  1. Charmain Levy – Influence and contribution : Liberation Theology, the Progressive Church in Brazil, and the World  Social Forum
  2. Rodrigo Nunes – The Intercontinental Youth Camp as the Unthought of World Social Forum, Revisited
  3. Ara Wilson – Feminism in the Space of the World Social Forum
  4. Janet Conway – Place, Scale, and the Politics of Recognition at the World Social Forum
  5. Jeffrey S Juris – Social Forums and Their Margins : Networking Logics and the Cultural Politics of Autonomous  Space
  6. Graeme Chesters – The Secret of Fire ! Encountering the Complexity of the World Social Forum
  7. Jai Sen – Towards Understanding the World Social Forum : Three Proposals

2 The Globalisation of the WSF : The Globalisation of Movement

  1. Geoffrey Pleyers and Raúl Ornelas – Alter-globalisation hits New Ground : Bamako and Caracas 2006
  2. Ingmar Lee – Reflections on the Polycentric World Social Forum, Karachi
  3. Pierre Rousset – The Karachi Social Forum and Its International Significance
  4. Demba Moussa Dembele – African Social Movements and the World Social Forum
  5. Wangui Mbatia and Hassan Indusa – The World Social Forum 2007 : A Kenyan Perspective
  6. Virginia Vargas – A Look at Nairobi’s World Social Forum
  7. Marie-Emmanuelle Pommerolle and Nicolas Haeringer – The WSF at Test : Extraversion and Controversies during the World Social Forum in Nairobi
  8. Michael Leon Guerrero – The Second US Social Forum : What did we accomplish ?
  9. Sonia E Alvarez – Globalised Localisms : The Travels and Translations of the World Social Forum Process

3 Some Critical Issues – in the WSF, in Movement

  1. America Vera-Zavala – A Space of Freedom : The World Women’s Forum
  2. Catherine Eschle and Bice Maiguashca – 'Skeleton Women' at the World Social Forum: Feminist Struggles for Visibility, Voice, and Influence, 2001-5
  3. Rahul Rao – Included Out?
  4. Taran N Khan – Trio
  5. Amanda Alexander and Mandisa Mbali – Have the Slaves left the Master’s House?
  6. Corinna Genschel – Are Social Forums an Opportunity for Renewing Emancipative Gender Politics? A Feminist Account of the Local Organisation of Social Forums
  7. Laura Sullivan – Activism, Affect, and Abuse : The Emotional Contexts and Consequences of the ESF Organising Process 2004
  8. Giuseppe Caruso – Difference and Conflicts in the World Social Forum in India : Towards an 'Open' Cosmopolitanism?
  9. Jai Sen – Towards Building the Future Together : An Open Letter to the Puno Cumbre
  10. Franco Barchiesi, Heinrich Bohmke, Prishani Naidoo, and Ahmed Veriava – Does Bamako Appeal? The World Social  Forum Versus the Life Strategies of the Subaltern
  11. Shannon Walsh – We Won't Pay to Discuss Our Own Poverty ! Activist Interventions into the 'Open Space' of the World Social Forum
  12. Patrick Bond – Linking Below, Across, And Against : Rethinking Global Civil Society Strategy
  13. Jeffrey S Juris – Opening Spaces at the US Social Forum
  14. Alex Callinicos and Chris Nineham – At an Impasse ? Anti-capitalism and the Social Forums
  15. Walden Bello – World Social Forum at the Crossroads
  16. Chico Whitaker – Crossroads Do Not Always Close Roads
  17. Boaventura de Sousa Santos – A Left of the Future : The WSF and Beyond
  18. Ronaldo Munck – The Great Counter-Movement : Empire, Multitudes, and Social Transformation strong
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