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  • 27.01.2007: Brief report of the World Social Forum IC meeting
    Nairobi, Kenya (January, from 26th to 27th, 2007)

  • 25.01.2007: "Das Weltsozialforum ist afrikanisch geworden"
    Attac sieht großen Erfolg für globale Zivilgesellschaft

  • 25.01.2007: Help Africans to feed themselves, governments urged
    Eighty percent of Africans who experience frequent food shortages live on poor land in rural areas - neglect of such communities is one of the main causes of hunger on the continent, campaigners for the right to food said

  • 25.01.2007: Forum ends with calls for social equity
    The World Social Forum (WSF) ended in Nairobi, the Kenyan capital on Thursday, with participants hailing the event as an opportunity for people from around the world to exchange ideas on global social problems often overlooked by capitalist interests they said dominated the world

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